At ETP Legal, PLLC. the client’s wishes must come first in any transaction, and we work tirelessly to obtain that goal. The firm aims to make a positive impact on the organizations and individuals with whom we work, by investing the time and care necessary to make sure that the client's concerns are addressed at every step of the representation.  

I first perceived the need for the creation of this law firm when I served as a judicial law clerk for a panel of judges in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. During my tenure as a law clerk I worked on thousands of cases, and I learned that most of them required an attorney possessing knowledge of multiple and broad areas of the law to adequately represent any given client. Many of these cases came before the court due to problems that arose due to a lack of an adequate estate plan. In these cases, families were pitted against one another as they fought over their inheritance only to find a significant portion of it squandered due to court costs and attorney fees.

I created this law office to address the need for a firm that could provide zealous representation and guidance to clients, both in the boardroom and the courtroom. If you want a firm that will represent you with the care and professionalism you deserve, contact us today.

- Mr. R Harris




1775 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1150, Washington, DC 20006 ​