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This is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage your asset base in the event of your incapacitation or death. We plan to ensure that your assets go to whom you choose. 

Assign guardians and conservators to act on your behalf in health care, finances and legal should you ever be incapable to do so yourself. 

Probate litigation is the process of challenging a provision of the Last Will and Testament, a codicil to the Last Will and Testament, the appointment of the personal representative, or the entire contents of the Last Will and Testament.

Create a trust to minimize estate taxes and benefit as part of a well-crafted estate plan. Establish amendments to ensure that you always have the freedom to manage your assets as you want. 


What are the benefits of an estate plan?

To be able to provide for your loved ones the way you want to. An estate plan is necessary to ensure that your property goes to the correct beneficiaries. You can protect your assets from being lost to unnecessary tax burdens (e.g. Transfer taxes, estate taxes, etc.) which allows your assets to go to the people you want them to, instead of being wasted. You can keep your assets out of control of the court system which unfortunately allows court administrators and court appointed attorneys to profit from the sale of your assets to pay their fees.

How can you help me to financially protect the ones I love?

Financial protection of your assets is something that requires an experienced attorney who is familiar with not only tax laws and regulations but federal and local laws and procedures as well. The creation of an advanced directive, a custom made trust, pre-planned gifting, and a last will and testament are just some of the tools we can use to protect your assets from being raided by debtors, various government agencies and people other than your intended beneficiaries. Some of these tools and laws can even be used by a skilled attorney to ensure that your assets go to your intended recipients despite being financially insolvent.

I have written a will, why do I need to do anything else?

Assuming your will was properly created, a will is great at giving directions on how to distribute your assets through the Probate court after your death. However, creditors, court costs, and court appointed attorneys fees can eat up a large portion of your estate. In fact, your assets may be sold to cover these costs. Having a will is only part of a necessary estate plan. A will is only effective after your death. If you were to suffer a catastrophic incapacity (e.g. stroke or heart attack) and were to survive then your Will would be of no use. Without a durable power of attorney or a similar document no one would be able to act to protect your assets on your behalf if you were unable to manage your affairs (e.g. in a coma or some other severe incapacity) . As a result, your assets would likely be wasted and used to pay for unnecessary court proceedings.

Even if I were to pass unexpectedly, don’t my assets just automatically transfer to my loved ones?

Many people believe that once they pass away without a will that everything they own will be transferred to their loved ones. While each state has its own set of rules and laws to follow in this situation, many loved ones are left out of the inheritance. The courts try to decide what is fair and reasonable with respect to the transfer of one’s property but the courts rules and laws may not be serve to accomplish your wishes. This is especially true if you want to leave your assets to more than one child, a special friend, charity or even your pet. Don’t take the chance and reach out to an attorney to make sure that the people you want to receive your assets actually do.

How can an attorney help me in ways that I cannot help myself?

An experienced attorney will be able to navigate the maze of rules, laws, and procedures to give you and your family the best chance at creating the proper framework to accomplish your wishes. While, you may be able to create a will, draft a power of attorney and try to shield your assets from creditors all by yourself, the courts are full of “do it yourselfers” who have improperly created these documents in an effort to save money. This often leads to a cascade of events that usually puts the estate in the hands of the court and a court appointed attorney who likely won’t care as deeply about your loved ones as you do. The result is always the same, the court steps in and will usually appoint a lawyer to fix whatever damage was done. This usually comes at a high cost as the estate’s assets are liquidated to pay for the court’s fees and other associated costs.



At ETP Legal, our mission is simple. We strive to protect your estate and ensure your loved ones are taken care of the way you intend.



Mr. Harris has been practicing in the area of Estate Planning and Probate law since 2008. Beginning his career as Judicial Law Clerk in the District of Columbia Superior Court. After his two year term, Mr. Harris joined the District of Columbia Fiduciary Panel of Attorneys and was able to obtain positive results and create solutions for his clients that have made substantive improvements in the lives of many D.C. and Maryland residents. Through effective Estate Planning, Mr. Harris has helped over 100 of his clients protect and safeguard the futures of their loved ones. 

Mr. Harris is a Maryland native and during his tenure as a Judicial Law Clerk, Mr. Harris witnessed how many individuals and estates were subject to waste and unnecessary dilution due to a lack of proper Estate Planning.  In many of these cases, families would receive only a small fraction (and sometimes nothing) of what they would have received if the decedent had created an appropriate estate plan. As a result, Mr. Harris as an Estate Planning Attorney has dedicated his practice to helping those in the DMV area protect their assets for the future generation.  Mr. Harris has been successful in protecting clients' assets from being taken by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), D.C. Government, and various Administrative bodies in the DMV.


Mr. Harris enjoys spending time with his family and friends and looks forward to creating unique opportunities and protections for his clients.




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